The 100 | Is It Worth Watching?



   You might have heard about The 100 before, you might not. But in this blogpost if you said “yes” or “no” replying on the first line, you wouldn’t regret reading this article until the end.

   Firstly, I am a Series and Movies addict, and it’s something known from so long. Since I was a child, I used to watch series and movies from all over the world, which has enriched my knowledge about different cultures and backgrounds. And the more I watch, the more I become picky in what I am watching next. You would always want something surprises you, disappoints all your expectation, in a positive way, and makes you want to watch one more episode or season.

   In this article I will be only talking about a one series which I, GREATLY, recommend, and I will mention why, but firstly, let me tell you, briefly, what The 100 is all about!

   The story takes place in the future, when nuclear war destroyed the Earth and made it non-habitable. The only survivors are those on the 12 space stations banded together to form the Ark. Three generations later, the 4,000 survivors living on the space Ark which started to fail to keep the life there, here the council decided to send 100 prisoners to the Earth to see if it is survivable as it’s believed that on their time the radiation levels have to be returned to normal. Having the fate of the human race in their hands, the 100 must find a way into the unknown in their new-old home.

Despite the fact that the series will go on with so many many many years ahead, where you stop to manage to count the years, but you will always feel that they are real human beings. They are people just like you and me, their feelings, emotions, actions and even mistakes.

So many things one can mention to tell how great is this series, but what I loved the most is the question that’s being asked since the very first season “Who are the good guys?” You will be asking yourself with every single time they ask themselves. If we believe that we are really the good guys, why would we always destroy every land we take a place on? Why we take decisions that could ruin others’ lives? Why those who are in charge always fail in saving everyone?  And why we always choose war?
So many questions that will make you doubt if there is any good guys at all!

Talking positively now, let me tell you what you would really love about it:

  1. The soundtrack which will obviously take a place into your heart that could never be restored or given to any other thing upon this planet, it’s incredibly, perfect which will get you tied to the emotions of the characters so well that you end up feeling for them.
  2. How the writers manage to create completely new stories with each new season, yet even that we are in the 6th season you’d still find some flashbacks to the 1st one.
  3. So many powerful women, period.
  4. Expect the unexpected, and you’ll fail to predict what’s going to happen next, not only about the scenes but also the characters which you’d think you already knew, but then ? the writers surprise you one more time.
  5. No-one is safe, bear this in mind.
  6. Endless feelings.
  7. Characters will keep developing, where you might hate someone today and then you will fall deeply in love with them.
  8. So many different kinds of people, from space, ground, hidden and much more.

No spoilers, but I promise this series is going to have you hooked and in awe. And you’re missing too much by not watching it.

Hugging As a Treatment


   Since I was a child I observed how people could express their love in so many different ways, Like my mother’s caring, and grandmother’s food, also my father’s endless giving and friends’ times. Each memory has a one special quality which we keep into our hearts forever as they make us feel loved, cared of and surrounded with precious souls. But apart from all of these good ways of expressing love there is that one outstanding way which has the power to boost one’s mental and psychical health. Simply, it’s hugging.

   The things that we do without words are always very special and remembered, and this never make the words less important, but when someone shows his/her feelings towards you with actions it feels different, you feel it’s something you can see, feel and touch.

   I met an online friend after so many years of very strong friendship, we both were waiting for that day, it was really cool in all respects, but I couldn’t express the joy with words, I found myself hugging her every ten seconds. It was unplanned and just so natural, because we tend to go to the maximum when we are with the people we love. We find ourselves, automatically, doing the best to express it correctly.

   Like when you succeed, you’d not go and tell your parents and loved ones that you did. But what exactly happens that you’d find them already with widely opened arms to give a tight hug expresses how proud of you they are. Same with sad events, you’d need someone to hug you so tight, and once they do you’d start crying really strongly.

   Giving or receiving a hug is a way to express joy, happiness and sorrow, it strengthens the relationship between any two, builds trust, increases the understanding and empathy, boosts oxytocin levels, which heals feelings from loneliness, anger and fear.

   The more you read about hugging, or the more you notice how magically it helps you, the more you’ll find yourself spread hugging-culture among your family, friends and loved ones. You will learn a new way to express, honestly. It’ll become a habit to produce happiness whenever it’s needed. Your relationships will get better, and problems will feel lighter. That’s why you must hug more and be hugged much much more. Merely, because we all need to feel safe, happy and loved.

If you are children or parents, partners and friends, siblings or relatives hug each other and you won’t regret it. And if you ever become a hugger, let me be the first one to welcome you to the club! 🙂

Photo credit Pexels

The Upside 2019 | Review


   I don’t usually write reviews on movies, but when a good one comes out we should really talk about. And today’s review is going to be my very first review ever published online on The Upside 2019, and I am doing it with great passion.

   One of things that make me keen to watch a one movie is being based on a true story. It is the thing that makes watching it a must -well, for me. Despite the changes that are usually done on the movie to make it more dramatic (?), There is always that one seed which they both do share, the movie and the real story, to make them a successful movie, and life changing experience or story.  And emotions do play the major role here.

   I am not going to criticize the movie itself, because it is not really my thing. But I am going to retell a story has taught me something myself, and touched my life, magically.

   The story says that Philippe after an accident got, entirely, disabled except his neck, mouth (!), well, his entire head and neck, where he got to stay in the hospital for really long period, and finally, got out from there where he finds himself forced to find someone to be his right hand, and second hand as Philippe (Bryan Cranston) referred to Dell (Kevin Hart) in the movie. I reckon that he was looking for the worst, not a big conclusion, it was clear in the movie. lol

   People usually hate life and even themselves after facing and dealing with great awful hardships, where they stop caring, being afraid or even wanting to go on. Philippe here not only lost his own control over his entire body, but also he lost his beloved wife after a bottle with cancer. He reached a point where nothing deserves surviving.

   But sometimes, those who we think are, totally, different, and badly, unqualified do have the most incredible positive impact on ourselves and our lives. Because what they have to offer is precious, and unexpected.  It is like you close on yourself so you would not fall in love but the other side is, lovingly, adorable where their love is irresistible.

    The story from Dell’s (Kevin Hart) side is too weird. He was not even looking for a job, his life was upside down and he was not interested or paying attention to where the life was taking him. It was not about money, I believe, or maybe it was in the beginning. But, it was that he was, finally, himself, felt at some point how responsible he was on someone’s life, and in no time this might have made him the life changer. He turned out to be the most qualified.

  “I have changed his life,” The real Philippe states in his memoirs. “That may be true, but in any case, what I am certain of is that he changed mine.” -Mirror Online

Top: Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and his caretaker, Abdel Sellou, share a moment of levity during an interview.  Bottom:Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart’s characters bond in the movie. – Picture from History Hollywood


   Everyone does have an impact on people around him/her, and we never know how and when this would ever happen, but the one constant truth is that we all influence in our own way, greater than we ever think and deeper than we ever believe.

Algeria Through My Eyes

   If I am given a chance to choose a one thing to do for the rest of my life, I’d choose, undoubtedly, traveling. For me nothing ever beats the joy of discovering new places, cultures and traditions. And being in close touch with locals is really my ultimate joy.

   When I was preparing myself to visit Algeria in November 2017, I remembered my father’s uncle when he once said: “I traveled around the world, but there is only one country remaining, Algeria.” He died before going there, or maybe he wasn’t even planning to, but everyone’s reaction was like: “You did not miss much.

   I was excited to discover a place I never planned to visit and there weren’t many stories to hear about and from, but on the other hand, I didn’t know what to expect and this was the loveliest thing. Although I have an Algerian friend and we used to talk a lot, but I didn’t have that clear picture about the country.

   I got ready and headed to the airport, and surprisingly, the plane took off a few minutes earlier. We arrived at Tunis Carthage International Airport as transit, and then we, finally, took our plane toward Algiers. Once we arrived things seemed so sweet and lovely. The people, the atmosphere and most importantly the feeling I got. I felt so calm, relaxed once I took a deep breathe after getting out from the airport.

   As I want to tell you about my trip to Algiers, so I divided it into 3 sections, atmosphere and nature, people and finally languages. Starting with the first one, the atmosphere is, magically, beautiful. You feel, literally, out of stress, safe and sound. The nature gave that incredible feeling where you feel you’re really becoming a part of it. You, simply, feel connected with the landscapes which are, breathtakingly, beautiful. I, literally, fell in love with Jardin d’Essai du Hamma which I, strongly, suggest you visit once you arrive to Algiers. The place is beyond all the possible beauty describing words. It’s wide, green, produces fresh air where you feel reborn. You’d never want to leave there, you’d go every single day and every single moment you feel tired or drained, it’s a way to refresh your soul and get back to life filled with energy and appreciation. And here are a couple of pictures of tons I took in the Jardin and each time I see them I fall more and more in that magical place. -Excuse the poor quality! 



   As I mentioned above, I do have an Algerian friend who we’ve been friends from years and years. Our friendship is strong, and we do trust each other. In the beginning once I went there, I was expecting everyone would be as welcoming, lovely and easy going as her, but no. No offense! I really loved those people, but I was hoping to make some good friends there which I failed doing. People are very respectful but a bit hard to talk with. It’s like everyone is busy minding his/her own business, and entirely, disconnected from the surroundings. And to be honest, it’s something I, greatly, respect and appreciate, Libyans would know why. Lol you feel free and not watched at all. But the point is that it’s not that easy to communicate with locals which, truly, saddened me. Days and weeks later I found out that people are really okay with foreigners, it’s just that they are not Libyans. I even got the chance to meet and talk with some incredible locals. I had such an awesome connection with an old lovely man who I met near this dates shop and he didn’t even speak Arabic, but we managed to communicate in some way. Who said only words could be used to communicate? Oops! Wait! Did I say dates? Those beyond delicious dates that you’d never get enough of are inviting, and you’d never want to miss trying them.

   Another woman we met in a mall, she was a member of the Parliament and she was beyond all the possible cuteness. We had really long conversations about languages, wars and life. I also met lovely individuals everywhere, little kids and elderly people. Everyone is so kind and down to earth, you just need to understand them. And here comes my favorite part of the story, languages. I’m a language enthusiast and it’s not a secret. And I don’t appreciate a thing in life like languages. Being able to communicate with people using their language or understanding their dialect is one of the most amazing feelings you’d ever feel. People feel really good when a foreigner speaks their own language, so you just need to try it once and see their reaction which is the cutest.

   I always had an idea that Algerian dialect isn’t that hard, and I could easily understand or maybe even speak, and because I’m a Libyan we all feel we have similar dialects. I visited Algeria, I got honored to talk with locals, but I, sadly, discovered that I had to be more prepared to understand them. I suffered really badly to understand their French or Darja dialect. I tried and tried but I, simply, don’t speak French lol As a great languages lover I like the idea that their dialect is a mix of Arabic, Amazigh, French and Spanish which are summed up to make the darja Algerian dialect, and honestly, it fascinates me. Maybe their Arabic isn’t perfect, but their dialect is so adorable. A guy whom works in a shop asked me where I was from and I told him Libya, he was like: “We do understand you all but no-one of you understands us.” And I really had no words to reply with, it was really embarrassing.

   If any Algerian is reading my blog-post, you guys are the awesomeness itself. Keep your spirit up, you have such incredible country and nature, you’re beautiful inside and out, and you, unbelievably, have influenced me.

I just wish I could tell baba’s uncle that he missed a lot by not visiting Algeria!

Things I greatly loved about this country:

  1. The country is truly safe, you go out for a walk in the early morning or at night and feel totally safe.
  2. The atmosphere, the atmosphere, and the atmosphere. You can’t not to fall in love with the weather. It was November and we could experience everything, sunny, rainy and strongly cold days.
  3. The more days you spend there the more you discover as there is always something new to figure out and learn about.
  4. The people are welcoming, you just have to try to talk with them, as they usually wouldn’t talk first.
  5. The mixture of cultures and backgrounds is obvious, and you’d love it, I dare you not to!
  6. The sea of Algiers is magical, go and enjoy the view, and hey, don’t forget taking a tour around the historical spots.
  7. You can do shopping with low prices. Seriously!
  8. Don’t expect anything, just go and discover it yourself.

The 6 Life-Saving Tips


   If you were like me then you always wish to improve yourself and your skills to be better in all possible ways. You try to figure out what are your weaknesses and strengths and you work hard on them to get rid of what’s holding you back and strengthen the good side in you as much as you can.

   It’s obvious that we can easily discover what’s wrong we are doing in life, if we truly want to. We can ask the opinion of our close friends or family about our habits and behaviors and think seriously about it and take the first steps to fix it. For me, actually I am blessed with parents, sisters and great friends who I can ask “What should I fix in myself?” and to be honest, I have a sister who doesn’t even wait me to ask.

   Sometimes, we think that we are easy going, lovely and friendly, but have you ever thought about it from others’ perspective? I doubt!

There are 6 acts or behaviors you may be doing thinking you’re beating the sky, but no dear reader, you may be destroying others and their feelings, entirely.

The 6 Life-Saving Tips:

  1. You may not be funny:
       In each group of friends there is that one friend who is funny and always tells jokes and makes everyone laugh out loud. This person greatly believes that he/she was born to make others feel better and draw big smiles and deep laughter upon people’ faces, but in so many cases the funny person fails to control him/herself and goes beyond funny jokes and starts making fun on others, those people could be their close friends or dear family members, or even someone they have just met.
    When we believe that we are good in one thing we sometimes go beyond, and usually it causes great harm.
  2. Talk less, talk more:
       For ordinarily people the best way to express themselves is to talk. Some people talk a lot, and others talk a little bit less. Let’s firstly admit that when we have a family gathering or friends’ we usually have stories and events we want to share with our dear ones, and we start talking and the stories never end. You may be in a meeting, into airplane or even in bread line and you start to talk, and that’s cool, but have you ever thought about it? Like are talking enough, too much or too little? Think about it, starting from today. It’s cool to be talkative by the way, people love those who talk and have stories to tell, but remember others want to talk, too, and need to be listened to, too.
  3. Criticize less:
       When I was taking my first steps in learning photography I was taught that I should criticize others’ work to learn more, like the lighting and colors and so, so in some point I found myself going more into criticism and leaving practicing photography and improving  my skills. It’s easy to see others’ flaws and mistakes, it feels cool to tell ‘that’s right and that’s wrong’. Some people enjoy referring to others’ flaws instead of working on their own, because it’s truly easy and much fun. But remember, you have the right to criticize others and their work, behaviors and attitudes only when you’re asked for your opinion.
  4. Your private life is yours, and others’ is theirs:
       We all in some part of our life gossiped and talked about others, being told others’ stories and what happens was fun, isn’t it? Not anymore for me.
    My all the time favorite quote is “What goes around, comes around.” and I love it because it gives me a feeling that how others hurt me they’ll get hurt, too. But why not to think about it a bit differently today? You never want to have others’ noses into your own business and life, you prefer to have a private life and hoping not to find others knowing about your own problems. So why are you following others’ stories?
  5. Everyone is beautiful:
       An online friend of mine who I told her when I saw her for the first time how beautiful she looked told me “We are all created beautiful, we are beautiful and complete in Allah’s eyes, He sees us perfect.” I thought about it for so long, the spots on your face, you fatty body or even your curly hair make you who you are! You are beautiful because you have these, your personality fits with these, you are well-created and you are beautiful and loved because you’re like this. It’s okay to fix our flaws in look and personality but it’s okay, too, to accept ourselves how we are because we are just so unique in the way we are.
  6. You can’t buy happiness:
       I agree with those who say “I would rather inside BMW car crying, than be on top of a bike laughing.” So many things we love to own and have are too expensive, I still can’t buy the Gold iPhone 8 Plus because of its exaggerated price, and having it will bring me joy, so I understand you. But the truth is that the things that truly satisfy us are totally free – like love, laughter, working on our passions and practice our hobbies.
    Enjoy life not things!

   There is a very thin line between living life and breaking ourselves and others. Before talking, think twice or just count to 10. Before judging remember you, too, have flaws and do mistakes. Before complaining learn how to appreciate.

BIFF’s Marriage




   ‘The most generous, caring and patient person with a charming personality‘ that’s how I can introduce my bestie, and as they say ‘my partner in crime’.

   My buttercup, the girl who keeps supporting me no matter what and who gives without looking for anything in return. The friend who’s literally a sister in all it means but from another mother got married today in Istanbul.

   7th. July 2018, is the date that I’ve been waiting for from so long where I see her eyes filled with happiness once he appears to take her hand from her father’s and start their first steps of the journey which my heart deeply prays to be the best.

   Living all these moments through the small mobile screen is truly hard. “I was supposed to be there with her helping her, supporting her and hugging her so tight.” I told my family, and they all understand it, but it was impossible.

   Once I saw her stunning, happy and so pretty taking her steps slowly but surely towards the future husband, house and life which Allah beautifully designed for her and her innocent smile’s drawn and makes her dimples appear and beautify everything my heart started beating like very strongly, like if it was me.

   Maybe we’re meant to be apart, and not even be able to join each other in our most important moments, but who says that we only can be in a place physically? I was feeling that I was there, entirely. All of that, even the fact that I wasn’t able to attend my best friend’s wedding meant nothing compared to seeing her living her big day beside her man who is also a dear friend and incredible individual in all respects.

   Dreams came true, hopes could finally be seen as a reality and Gamze & Islam got married today. ❤

“This isn’t happily ever after.
It’s so much more than that.”
― Kiera Cass

   You passed by here? Take a moment to wish them the happiest life because they truly deserve it

Home. Family. Ramadan.

   Every single one of you when you read the title of this blog-post will picture and particular story, but is it truly mine?


Probably, no.

   In 2012 my grandmother passed away, which was hard itself, but it didn’t only affect on us emotionally, but also on our daily life and routine. My mother had to be beside my grandfather who was truly in need for her and my aunt. Although, he was and still, thankfully, healthy, but surely, he needed to be cared of in so many ways starting with preparing his food.

   For six years we had to have a half life. It was good seeing my mother happy helping her father and being by his side which helped to decrease the effect of having unstable life but always we felt something is missing in our life and home, being reunited.

   I learnt how to appreciate the family time, especially during Ramadan. Fasting with the whole family was not bad, to be honest. But staying at home with my parents and sister/s, having the green tea while I’m relaxing at home after dinner, living all the rituals of Ramadan is truly precious.

   This year was the first year after long six ones to be home altogether, enjoying the feeling of the stable life which I was dreaming of for years helped me to live this Ramadan differently, and it was good enough.

   Despite the ruined sleep pattern everything went as I needed to feel in peace and enjoy each day and night from this Holy month. And as I was blessed this year to live it as I wished, I’m trying to keep the beautiful inspiring and effective routine of Ramadan and all its spiritual details and habits, I remembered an article was written by my dear friend, Wendy Keslick, and I was honored to be a part of it as a co-author. Eid Marks the End of Ramadan, But Not the End of Our Journey has helped me to keep the spirit of Ramadan, and hope it will help all of you, too. 🙂


  • Photo credit: David McEachan

The Awaited Interview

   pexels-photo-273238It took me like three weeks to decide to write this blog post because sharing this experience could affect, positively or negatively.

   There is that company that everyone knows that it is one of the best currently, with very passionate founders and well-educated and creative workers. And just like those who aim to improve their skills and get into practical life and work for the sake of being better in all respects, I wished to work there.
   And one day, suddenly, I received a message from one of the managers telling me that they’re looking for economic graduates, and asked me to send my CV. Without any hesitation, I, surely, did. And after a couple of days I received an E-mail to come to the office for a pre-interview.
   It was the 1st. of Ramadan, and I must mention that my sleep schedule was already messy before Ramadan, as I was suffering of insomnia and used to wake up early, so I was already entering Ramadan drained.
I kept overthinking about the interview the whole days before, and I still remember how I was trying to just stop the anxiety, but to no avail.
   The awaited day came, I woke up, with literally careless or maybe super tired brain, where I didn’t even prayed to Allah to ease it for me, which is something I never did before. I got into the car with my father and headed to the office. We didn’t find the building where the office’s located, so I called the manager and he clearly explained the directions, and we reached there. We entered and I was still stress-less. Like that feeling when you get out of control for sometime so in some point you just stop to feel, you just breathe to keep your body alive.
   I met the manager, who was kind, and easily, you could communicate with. I sat, he welcomed me, and started telling me about their company and projects. And when he finished he asked me to tell him about myself, and I did, briefly.
So the time to talk about our work together just came. He asked some questions about how we can work together, and I swear they were kept into my mind for only a few moments before I, completely, forget. Like my memory was, entirely, stuck.
The only thing that I remember back then is that I kept telling him “I don’t know, I don’t know and I don’t know.”
   Well, I’m not telling that I wasn’t ready, or I am not capable, or I just felt it’s not my place, NO. It’s truly the opposite of all of these. I even felt that I could really do something there, I felt it’s where I could help, and get helped. I believed that I had so much to offer but I swear I was not okay.
   I missed working in a place I always wanted to get the opportunity to work at. I messed everything up without even knowing. Like you were dreaming, you see everything but you can’t control anything, you just have to watch and that’s it.
   He was kind enough, and told me if I got any ideas in how I could help them I email him. And once I said Salam and turned my back I just wanted to return and tell him, “This is my thing, I can help. My knowledge and my economic background can truly help. I even have so many ideas to help you.” It was like my brain, finally, woken up, but a bit late, a few seconds late.
   I couldn’t sleep that day, nor the day after. I remember very well how it was storming me each time I think about my long-awaited interview that I, successfully, ruined.

If I got out from this experience with one lesson it’d be: I must force myself to be more responsible the next times even when it’s impossible, as I can’t handle remorse anymore. Not everyone is lucky enough to get the opportunities they were waiting for. Some people don’t even get a one opportunity; so learning how to get the best out of any chance we get to improve our future and increase our ability to have a better life is a MUST.


• Photo source:


La Bella Palestina

Why Do I Appreciate Palestine So Much ?!

Just like all Arabs and since our first birth we learnt about the Palestinian sad story and automatically, internally, we believed that Palestine is special.

We got older and her place never changed, sadly, nor her destiny.

We all feel that the Palestinian matter is ours, but we are here sitting helpless while we keep hearing about big number of Palestinians, daily, is being whether killed and treated, awfully.

But apart from all of that it has been always different for me, at least for a decade now.

Palestine and despite all the destruction, long years of war, persecution and the stolen lives and rights is STILL a rich country in all respects.

Palestine is the incredible culture.

Palestine is the breathtaking nature.

Palestine is the endless delicious dishes.

Palestine is the countless survivors under the occupation.

Palestine is the charming personalities and bright minds.

Palestine is a story began from long centuries and continuously will be told.

I’m not writing this post for any political reason, but for the honor of all the Palestinian people who I was blessed to have them crossing my path to leave their special touch on my life, to be my eye inside the land that I can’t visit myself, and to be a source of hope and inspiration that keeps me fighting.

From my Palestinian peeps I learnt how to go on no matter what, how to increase my knowledge and improve my ability to live. From them I was taught the lesson of life which was one of the main reasons that helped me to keep fighting peacefully during the war in Libya. From them I learnt how to survive!

Hiba aka: Boooshi, Rasmieh, Bayan and so many others I met during this past decade where 2008 was the start of discovering this interesting culture through her people and stories, and since then my love towards this land sparkled and it led me to the unlimited surprising beauty.

I support Palestine now and I have my own reasons, I love those people as I closely discovered them, I appreciate our beautiful Falasteen and her people because they teach all of us that despite everything you still can shine. ✨

🇱🇾Love from Libya to my dear Palestine🇵🇸❤️

• Photo credit: madam Nawal – my friend’s, Hiba, mother

The Spiritual Reflection of Ramadan


   Ramadan is around the corner and I started receiving questions about it. How can we fast for a whole month without food and drinks for long time each day? How can we survive? And how does it feel like?

   All these questions and more I hear yearly from so many non-Muslim friends who are so curious to know the spiritual, ethical and health benefits of Ramadan. 
   And as you all know it is so hard to talk about such a topic as so many have already talked about, and there are endless resources to understand it, and adding something new could be, barely, done. So I decided to talk about my own experience and feelings which are so unique and special, because every one of us lives it differently.   

   When I learnt that I had to start fasting I remember it was one of the hardest experiences back then. Keeping myself away from food and all those yummy dishes my mother was making was actually kind of impossible for me. I was, hardly, surviving, even though I was not a big fan of food, but as what we say “What’s banned is desired.”.

   Years passed and I got older and started to have my eyes opened. My body could survive, and I could always stop myself whenever I feel like eating, even when I was starving! It is not impossible to wait till the sunset prayer! So here questions started to pop up: Is it all about learning how to control our-selves and desires -referring to food? Logically, no. But what’s the answer then? 
   And since then a new era, we can say, of my life started, and nothing is like before anymore. 

   There must be a bigger reason behind abstaining from food, what could be the hidden message that we should discover? 

   You don’t choose to feel something, it gets slowly and gently into the soul, and eventually, you just feel it. Sometimes, you can understand how it all happened, but in so many other times you just find yourself, entirely, into it. 
   When my mother told me that I had to get used to fasting, it was the start, and when I got really used to it something started to build up, and then I discovered that the whole thing is not only about fasting, but there is spiritual part, and for me the fun part has just begun there. 

   The first time I read Quran in Ramadan with a desire to finish it, it was different. When I decided to have a Ramadan’ resolution every year and could, successfully, do it, it was different. When I managed to teach myself how to get benefited from every experience I lived, it was different. When I learnt that we can feed our souls like how we feed our bodies, it was different. And when I, finally, felt in peace and truly secured with Allah, it was greatly different. 

   With each passing year and when Ramadan gets closer, apart from the complicated, overwhelming and messy life, I, literally, feel the ease, mercy and peace. I feel ready to enjoy the atmosphere of the month that has given me the best favor to be a better version of myself in all respects.

   P.s. for Muslim readers, This Ramadan, try to feel it beside practicing it, it will be so delightful, existing and, surely, different. 

                                    RAMADAN MUBARAK!


  • Photo credit: Willian Justen